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Syngenta GreenCast® Turf App


The GreenCast® Turf App from Syngenta simultaneously offers the opportunity for enhanced quality turf surfaces and helping with office efficiency and time spent on documentation in the future. Providing easy and precise calculations for filling plans, the GreenCast Turf App saves time and ensures high accuracy in tank mixing for each spray application. The GreenCast® Turf App features the ability to share filling plans and create spraying reports, streamlining planning, communication and easing administration. The spraying reports generated through the GreenCast Turf App will help create an efficient recording process and assist in reporting requirements.Benefits
- Generates filling plans with the amount of products, water and number of tanks- Reports total consumption of products and water - Makes recommendations to aid in choice of nozzles (ISO)- Allows for easy sharing of filling plans via email- Creates spraying reports for authorities and input for IPM programmes records- Optimizes filling and driving time- Supports customization for faster calculation and reporting- Provides easy access to product labels and MSDS
Ensuring accurate application is essential for the best possible results from Syngenta products. The GreenCast Turf App is a further extension of the dedicated spray technology research and development from Syngenta.